TW Stars is a St. Paul-based tennis program for low-income Twin Cities youth that uses tennis instruction, life-skills education and academic support to inspire students to achieve success on and off the court.  

When TW Stars students step onto the court, they're practicing more than just tennis. 

TW Stars engages Twin Cities youth in grades 3 - 6 in opportunities not only to learn tennis and refine athletic skills, but also to practice social, emotional and healthy-living skills in an engaging on- and off-court setting. 

We structure our program around A.C.E., an out-of-school academic curriculum connected to 21st Century Skills, National Standards and the sport of tennis.

We partner with three Twin Cities schools to bring students to The Fort or work with them on-site, both during the school day and after school. 

Program Partners: 

To learn more about TW Stars, contact Program Coordinator Judy Long at 612.252.8367 ext. 108 or