TennisWorks Fall Semester Celebration

The Fort celebrated the end of our fall TennisWorks season January 14-18 with participants from Andersen United Community School, Bancroft Elementary, and Folwell School - Performing Arts Magnet. The kids were given participation awards of tennis balls, water bottles, and other various tennis accessories (grips, racquet bags, dampeners etc...). Students who consistently attended and showed commitment to the program were also gifted a new racquet! Congratulations to Henok, Briana, Vera, David, Roberto, Alexis, Alan, Angel, Itzel, Jacqueline, Jael, Jairo, Javier, Kenzo, Kevin, Melanie, Nesyma, Yahir, Aden, Amelia, Anastasia, Chance, Ivan, Jasir, Josephine, Josh and Yasin!

On the court, we celebrated with team challenges and fun games that the students had been learning during the semester. It was amazing to see the progress the students made in their ability to rally and hit different strokes and spins!