TW Academy is a Twin Cities tennis & education program for low-income youth, designed to inspire students to bring their strengths to bear on and off the court. 

Our programs don't "give" students strengths: they help to reveal and refine the assets students already have. 

TW Academy students have the opportunity not only to learn tennis, but also to better themselves as athletes, students and community members. Through a variety of entry points, students from 6 - 12th grade have access to athletic instruction, leadership opportunities, mentor relationships, service-learning, jobs and internships, and more. 

We intentionally partner with students from under-resourced communities, and strive to make The Fort a safe and welcoming space where they can bring their strengths to bear on and off the court. By centering youth voices and bridging tennis with off-court leadership and service activities, we aim to inspire youth to define success and strive to achieve it. 

TW Academy Programs

Students can participate in TW Academy through a range of programs. Students who take advantage of TW Academy offerings 1x a week are considered Recreational Players, while students who attend TW programs twice a week or more are considered High Performance Players

Grades 6 - 8

We work with youth from several Twin Cities schools, offering them access to after-school tennis and off-court activities designed to inspire them to achieve. 

More info coming soon! 

Grades 6 - 12

Youth Advisory Board centers student voices and offers participants a say in how The Fort and TennisWorks programs operate and message themselves. 

All Ages

Every Saturday, students bring their backpacks to The Fort to get a jumpstart on their homework, work with tutors and mentors, and spend some time on the tennis court.  

Grades 6 - 12

Boys and Girls Leadership Teams participants meet once a week to play tennis, complete service projects and delve into themes like identity, poverty and race. 

All Ages

Many TennisWorks students also participate in our fee-based Junior Program, which offers lessons and leagues for a variety of abilities. We offer scholarships for players who need financial assistance.