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Our Plan

Phase I (In Progress)
Estimated Cost: $375,000

  • New enclosed walkway connecting the front and the back domes that requires us to relocate our existing revolving door so we can reconfigure the front bubble to add a fourth court. The new walkway will provide a court accessible drinking fountain, additional storage space to hold tennis equipment and a Donor Recognition Wall to honor those who contribute to the Capital Campaign.

Phase II (starting Summer of 2019)
Estimated Cost: $1.325 Million

Stage 1

  • Mandatory replacement of both air supported domes so that we can renew our lease agreement with the City of Minneapolis.

  • Energy efficient air conditioning in both domes

  • New LED lighting in both domes

Stage 2, Part I

  • Reconfiguring of the front bubble which will allow the addition of a fourth 78-foot court resulting in 5,400 hours of added court time available to patrons.

  • Resurfacing of front bubbles with the addition of blended lines

Stage 2, Part 2

  • Upgraded parking facilities with 28 additional spaces, additional lighting and security cameras to ensure the safety of our patrons, employees and visitors.

  • New sound system in both the front and back domes.