Faces of The Fort

Get to know the people who make up The Fort in our new feature called Faces of The Fort! If you have an idea of someone who should be featured, please let us know by contacting Ursula Shute at ursula@fwtec.org or Lisa Mushett at lisa@fwtec.org.

A Tennis Trio


Does Summer Camp really develop lasting friendships?

For an answer, look no further than The Fort’s Court 1, where friends Anna, Deepti and Rowan will tell you that The Fort Summer Camp is not only a great place to improve their tennis skills, but the best part of summer camp is getting to see their friends every day!

Anna, Deepti and Rowan will each spend 5 - 8 weeks at The Fort Summer Camp this year. The trio did not know each other before coming to The Fort. Their friendship organically began in the Future’s group but their lasting bond has been built while playing their favorite sport together, every day at summer camp.

Anna, who will enter 7th grade in the fall, has been attending The Fort Summer Camp for “4 or 5 years” and says her favorite part is “the sense of community at The Fort.” Anna’s sentiments validate Deepti’s advice for potential new campers, which is
“ …regardless of your skill level, you will fit in well and quickly learn how everything works!”

Rowan, however, doesn’t want you to forget, that, yes, summer camp is fun but there is also a competitive side. Asked her favorite part of camp, Rowan replied, “beating my opponents and laughing with my friends.”  Sounds like the balance The Fort tries to develop in all of its’ players!

Besides, spending time on the court, you might also find the tennis trio hanging out near the front desk, helping The Fort’s string king, Dan Swanson, cut out old string, or as Patron Services Manager Brian Grossman put it,  “Anna, Deepti and Rowan bring an unmatched level of high energy to the sometimes quiet front desk area and it makes my day!”

Next time you are at The Fort during summer camp hours (10am-3pm), be sure to say hello to Anna, Deepti and Rowan; they will likely be the three with friendly smiles on their faces and of course, together!

All three have aspirations to take their tennis games to higher levels, including high school, college and beyond! All of us at The Fort can’t wait to see what their future’s hold.

Fun facts from The Tennis Trio:

How long have you been playing tennis?
Anna (12): 7 years
Deepti (13): 7 years
Rowan (13): 7 years

What is your least favorite part of Summer Camp?
Anna: Leaving!
Deepti: Rain
Rowan: Forgetting my sunscreen    

What is Anna’s best tennis shot?
Rowan: Volley
Deepti: Approach

What is Deepti’s best tennis shot?
Anna: Backhand
Rowan: Groundstrokes

What is Rowan’s best tennis shot?
Anna: Forehand
Deepti: Forehand

What other plans do you have this summer?
Anna: Camping & more tennis camp!
Deepti: Hanging out with friends and trying out for my high school tennis team
Rowan: Rock Climbing Camp and going to my grandma’s house