Capital Campaign

You’ll love what’s in store for the Fort.

The Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center is launching a capital campaign to make the Fort an even better place to play.

Our goal is to raise $1.7 million for improvements to our facilities, including:

  • New air-supported structures that will remain up year-round, ensuring access to courts and programming in any weather
  • An additional tennis court for a total of 9 courts
  • 28 additional parking spaces
  • Improved lighting inside and out
  • Air conditioning and improved energy efficiency inside air-supported structures
  • Storage for ball machine, ball carts, and maintenance supplies
  • Additional drinking fountain

Our Plan

New air-supported structures

Patching and repairs have prolonged the life of our current air-supported structures, or “bubbles,” as long as possible. They could experience a critical failure if not replaced. Additionally, in order to renew our lease agreement with the City of Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, we must replace the two bubbles by 2021.

As part of the project, we will be adding a tennis court for a total of 9 courts. Expanding our courts and parking lot will provide more playing opportunities for our patrons and allow us to serve more youth from under-resourced schools through our TennisWorks program. Our expansion will allow us to host larger USTA tournaments and other events.

Parking lot improvements

Parking lot maintenance is a joint effort by Minneapolis Parks and Recreation and the Fort. Our current parking area has 65 spaces, currently accommodating 8 courts with 64 players. Our plans call for increasing the number of parking spaces from 65 to 93, thus accommodating 72 players, employees and visitors. Better lighting will be added, improving safety for our patrons, visitors and employees.

Building updates

New entrance

The front bubble will be reconfigured to accommodate four full courts. To do so, we must close our existing revolving door and construct a new entrance.

Storage closet

The new entrance will allow us to construct a storage area for ball carts and a storage closet for the ball machine, scrubber and sweeper. We also anticipate installation of a mop sink and drinking fountain on the pressurized side of the bubbles.

Construction Overview


New Lighting and Footprint for the Parking Lot


New Walkway to the Bubbles




New Parking Lot