With summer drawing to a close (our summer programs wrap up tomorrow), it's time for the bubbles to come back up. We'll be open on a limited basis through the clean-up and re-inflation process: 

Aug 23 & 24: Closed
Aug 25-29: 9am - 12pm
Aug 30 & 31: Closed
Sept 1: Closed
Sept 2-5: 8am - 5pm 
Sept 6 & 7: Closed
Sept 8: Regular hours begin 

Enjoy the on-court sunshine while you can! You can still sign up for adult drills (like the drill & grill). You can also get a jump-start on fall planning--registration is now open for adult and junior programs like Women's Day League, adult in-house leagues, and junior classes

Check out the video of the bubble deflation last year (and just imagine it in reverse) for an idea of what goes on behind the scenes while you're gone): 

And get ready for a few interior design surprises when you get back--we're changing things up, one step at a time! 


AuthorMatea Wasend