Dear Friends,

For as long as I can remember, watching the Wimbledon tournament every summer has been one of my all-time favorite things to do. The traditions. The pageantry.  The grass courts. The rivalries. And of our course, the Strawberries and Cream.  And yes, I still have a bowl of this yummy treat every year while watching the championship matches.  Back in the day after watching a Wimbledon match, I would rush out to the backboards at the park by my house and try to replicate Zina Garrison’s blistering backhand return, or attempt to volley with the finesse of Bjorn Borg. I just knew that with enough practice, one day I too would achieve greatness and make my entrance onto Centre Court! Those memories and dreams are still as vivid for me today as they were all those many years ago.  The Championships at Wimbledon further solidified and deepened my love for the game.

One of the reasons that I love tennis so much is that whether you’re a player, a spectator or both, the game of tennis can impact our lives in countless ways both on and off the court.  At Fred Wells Tennis  & Education Center, we differentiate ourselves from other tennis facilities because we provide opportunities that engage our entire tennis community – youth and adults– to use the intersection of tennis and education as a way to help young people to thrive on the court and in the classroom.  One way that we do this is through our exciting youth development initiative that works with students from under-resourced communities to inspire them to find a pathway to high school graduation and post-secondary enrollment.  From experienced players to students who have never picked up a racquet before, we believe that tennis can be the spark, just as it was for me, to encourage one to aspire to greatness.

Our Board of Directors recently completed our Strategic Planning for the next few years and I look forward to sharing these goals with you this fall.  In the interim, you will be noticing some new enhancements to The Fort that further exemplify how our mission is reflected throughout all of our programs.   A new vegetable garden and outdoor classroom, a renovated and updated computer lab, and dedicated study and reading areas on our main floor are just a few of the changes that will continue to showcase our commitment to providing excellent tennis AND education experiences.

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you on the courts soon!





Lea Favor
Executive Director
Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center

AuthorMatea Wasend