With our ProAm Tournament & Fundraiser just around the corner, donations are starting to roll in for the silent auction portion of the event. And we've got to tell you, these are some awesome items. You are not going to want to miss the chance to win some of the stuff we'll have on that table. 

(P.S. Get your ProAm tickets here!) 

Here are five of the things you could walk away with on November 8, in no particular order: 

1. Lift tickets to Wild Mountain! With 26 trails spread out over 100 acres, there's something for every ski/board buff in the family at Wild Mountain--including lessons and snowtubing. Wild Mountain was generous enough to send us two lift tickets for our silent auction, and we have a feeling they'll be popular! 

MN Orch in concert from MN Orch Musicians FB.jpg

2. Minnesota Orchestra tickets! The Orchestra is finally out of the headlines and back at Orchestra Hall after a lengthy lockout, and they've even got Director Osmo Vanska back despite his October 2013 resignation. If you've never been to an Orchestra concert before, now's the time--the energy is palpable! We'll have two tickets on auction thanks to the MN Orchestra's generous support of our ProAm fundraiser. 

3. Yoga! We've actually got two yoga packages on offer: one from Boda Boda Yoga and one from Corepower! So, downward facing dog. Child's pose. (Aaaand that pretty much maxes out on what we know about yoga... maybe we should bid on those packages.) 


4. MN United tickets! Minnesota's premier soccer team has had a great season--they're currently sitting at the top of the NASL with 34 points on the fall season. We're grateful that they took the time out of their busy winning schedule to send us a pair of tickets for next season to feature in our silent auction! 

images (1).jpeg

5. Peace Coffee gift basket! We don't even know what's in it yet, but we have a feeling that since it's from Peace Coffee, it's going to be good. Peace is all about sustainability, fair trade, organic practices, and deliciousness all the way. But, really--do you need any other reason than COFFEE to be excited about this silent auction item? Thanks for supporting us, Peace! 

We're incredibly grateful to all of the individuals and businesses who have already come forward to support us for our 2014 ProAm Tournament & Fundraiser. We couldn't sustain our programming without them! 

AuthorMatea Wasend