Dear Friends,

Tennis is at the heart of everything that we do. And we do it extremely well!  Some of the best coaches in the state work at The Fort… a few of whom are recognized nationally for their expertise on the court and in the community.  Our coaches are just as committed and passionate about introducing a 5-year-old to the game of tennis as they are about re-introducing a 65-year-old to the sport.  Our coaching model is unique and rare but it is what differentiates us from the masses.

Last month our coaches hosted “Back to the Fort Night”, an Open House-type gathering in which they welcomed families and players to learn about the progressions within our junior tennis program.   This was a great opportunity for the coaches to talk about the key developmental emphasis within each level of our junior program. On-court demonstrations by our junior players capped off an educational and entertaining event for all.  By popular demand, we will be hosting another similar event in early 2015! (Details and dates coming soon.)

The exceptional talent of our coaching staff extends into the classroom as well. Our coaches are also assigned to be coach-mentors for the students in our outreach and education programs.  Together, our coaches and education coordinators co-create and co-develop lesson plans to ensure that the key messages that are being discussed in the classroom are emphasized on the court as well.  We believe that students in our education programs are just as deserving of exceptional coaching as are the students in our fee-based programs.   And the relationships and mentoring that our coaches provide for their “after-school squads” is truly transformational.  

For students of all ages at The Fort, tennis and education aren't separate entities--they're inherently linked. As one of our scholarship applicants put it, "Tennis and education are important to me because I believe they go hand in hand. Tennis is an activity that helps me relieve stress from my life and school, so when I am at school I can truly focus on learning and advancing my knowledge." 

In an effort to fulfill the spirit of our mission, we don't want socio-economic status to be a barrier for people to access the game of tennis.  By offering free after school programming, reduced membership and court rates for seniors and the lowest court rental rates in the Twin Cities, we are truly ensuring that tennis is accessible and affordable for all. And we are steadfast in our commitment to doing so without sacrificing the quality of the instruction or the experience.

Together…We are Fred!


AuthorMatea Wasend