Last year, we invited Lauryn Gutierrez, a talented Twin Cities photographer, to The Fort to help us document a bit of what goes on at Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center every day. In two shoots she captured Tennis2College youth participating in on-court and classroom after-school programming, adults taking advantage of our affordable tennis court rental rates, high performance juniors drilling early on a summer day, and kids having a great time in our summer tennis camp. Here are some of our favorites from Lauryn (you've probably seen a lot of them around by now!): 

Since last year, lots has been happening for Lauryn! She took a leap and launched her own photography business, 519 Photography, specializing in wedding, lifestyle and portrait photography. (From all the fabulous photos on her website, we have to assume things are going well.) 

"I literally think in photographs," says Lauryn, a '11 graduate of Macalester College (another one of our partners!). "I get overly excited about light quality.  I use my phone way more for taking photographs than ever I do for talking or texting." 

We love supporting local businesses like 519 Photography, and completely depend on their partnerships to sustain our own work right back! We're excited to be inviting Lauryn back to The Fort over the next few weeks to get some fresh images of the madness that is The Fort in the summer. She'll be helping us document adult tennis drills & clinics, Tennis & Fitness Camp, Tennis2College Summer Camp, junior team tennis, in-house adult tennis leagues, junior tennis classes and lessons and even some of our staff in action. So if you see Lauryn around (hint: she'll probably have a big camera around her neck), give her a smile and a wave--and then get back to your game! 


AuthorMatea Wasend