The Tennis2College students who attended Tennis and Life Camps at Gustavus Adolphus College earlier this summer came back with some pretty breathtaking things to say about their experience! FWTEC was able to fund scholarships for these students thanks to YOU, the generous patrons and donors who make these opportunities possible.

Here's what the students have to say to you:

"This experience would not have been possible for me if not for your generous donation and I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am. I was a 3.0 in tennis and am probably now a 3.5. This is a camp I would never forget because it changed my life!"

"My time at tennis and life camp was awesome because I got to play tennis every day and get better at my tennis skills. And also thank you very much for donating money for me. I really appreciate it, because at Tennis and Life Camp I really have a great day no matter what! These coaches make me laugh or smile every day!"

"This experience would not be possible if not for your generosity. I learned how to serve better and how to hit a good volley, also there is good food!"

"I've been attending TLC because of you guys--thanks! I've learned lots thanks to playing tennis at Fred Wells and here! From the basics as groundstrokes to playing singles. Thanks so much--Fred Wells has been like a second home to me!"

AuthorMatea Wasend