Alexa Lehman

Education Assistant

phone: 612.252.8367

Alexa Lehman has worked at The Fort on and off and in many capacities since 2006.  Throughout high school and college, she coached with The Fort's summer camp and helped with TennisWorks and Girls Leadership Team. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Alexa moved to Alaska to work with an advertising agency. Upon her return to Minneapolis, she became involved with FWTEC partner College Prep Elementary and reconnected with The Fort. 

High school highlights: Played at Minneapolis South High School and was a team captain. Coached by the legendary George Beske and the one and only Reid Olsen.  

Favorite tennis moment: 2008 Wimbledon final – Nadal vs. Federer. 

Favorite tennis player on pro circuit: Rafa! 

In a couple words, what makes an exceptional tennis player: Hard work, ambition and a good attitude. 

When I’m losing a match, I focus on: One point at a time 

When I’m winning a match, I focus on: One point at a time

Favorite food: Right now – tacos

Favorite movie: Gladiator

People would be most surprised to learn I can: Figure skate

Three items on my “bucket list”: Go to all four grand slams, learn to surf and speak Italian fluently

Best advice ever received: It’ll work out. 

When I’m not at FWTEC, I enjoy: Traveling and time with family.